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About CASI

Founded in 1979, Computer Application Services, Inc. (CASI, or CASI Software) is an enterprise software vendor providing solutions that optimize the ability of customers to communicate efficiently and effectively over their own intranets or over the public Internet using their z/OS systems. Working together with our parent company, LaBayne and Associates, Inc., CASI has been providing tools for over twenty-five years beginning with one of the first enterprise level e-mail systems, EMS.

CASI's current market emphasis is on the E-Delivery of z/OS print content. Our JES2Mail™ and JES2FTP™ products provide our customers with the ability to deliver mainframe report content to their customers and employees in formats and via mechanisms that make the data easy to view and utilize. The results can be delivered securely either through, what we term "push", delivery to the recipient's mailbox or by placing the file onto an FTP server for eventual "pull" delivery when the viewer is ready for it by clicking on a link in a web browser. The JES2Mail suite of products offers flexibility of delivery and format so that our customers can make the choices most appropriate for their needs.

CASI's Mail2ZOS™ and FTPSweeper™ allow for the delivery of data to the mainframe via either email or FTP. These products add complementary functionality to the JES2Mail and JES2FTP products.

CASI's newest product, CICS2PDF™, is a CICS tool for the purpose of dynamically creating secure PDF documents for CICS applications. CICS2PDF leverages the advanced PDF overlays and scripting capabilities of our JES2Mail/JES2FTP suite to provide a permanent, portable, secure output solution using Adobe’s PDF format. CICS2PDF supports Adobe Acrobat™ encryption and compression, and can create complex PDF pages containing multiple overlays, watermarks, JPEG and TIFF-F images, annotations, bookmarks and more.

EMS, CASI's CICS-based email product introduced to the market in 1982, has undergone considerable enhancement and innovation over the years. It is still in use today by a number of customers - nearly 40 years since its initial release. Combined with CASI's array of gateways, EMS has been used to create inter-enterprise messaging systems of considerable power and sophistication. Innovations such as its Active E-Forms module have made CASI a leader in providing mainframe based "email-enabled applications."

CASI's growth has been the result of our commitment to being responsive to the needs of our customers through regular product enhancements, significant innovation, and first-rate support. CASI is headquartered in Southern California and supports several hundred customers worldwide from our Fountain Valley, California support center.

The company is privately held, and entirely self-funded.

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