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JES2Mail natively creates and emails mainframe information directly from z/OS

JES2Mail is native z/OS software, with a built-in SMTP sending facility, that can generate and send thousands of simple email messages as well as transform designated report output into PDF, CSV, XML and other formats and send those results as email attachments.

JES2Mail is the native z/OS email solution organizations worldwide trust to get important mainframe information to the right person . . . anywhere . . . anytime.

Key JES2Mail Features

JES2Mail features customers most often use or comment about:

  • Operate as either a JESWRITER started task or standard batch step
  • Access and attach HFS/ZFS files (HFS Watch mode)
  • Attach any text or binary file
  • Establish SSL/TLS encrypted connection to target email server using AUTH protocol
  • Perform symbolic substitution of system variables
  • Dynamically route based on output contents and process unlimited distribution lists
  • Bundle multiple attachments into a ZIP attachment

JES2Mail Workflow

Simple Message Workflow

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JES2Mail . . . commercial strength, fully supported, cost effective

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