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EMS - Electronic Mail Functions

  • Simple Menu
  • Advanced Menu
  • Naming/Addressing
  • On-line Help
  • Full-screen Editor
  • Binary Files
  • Mail/Doc Filing
  • Nicknames
  • Dictionary
  • Print Control Language
  • Pop-up Directory
  • SQL-like Search

Experienced MIS professionals will tell you: "No two users are alike." While one person wants a system for its simplicity, the next wants it for its power and sophistication. And there are others who will demand both!

One thing is certain: if Electronic Mail is to become a widely-used and (in some companies) nearly universal technology, it must be simple enough to be embraced by a wide range of users.

EMS addresses this need by providing two different access paths: a simple menu for the first-time user, and an advanced menu for the E-mail sophisticate. Also, with EMS' customization facilities, a systems administrator can create other menus that offer an in-between mixture of features and functionality.

The Beginner Menu offers four basic mail functions: OPEN, REVIEW, DRAFT, and EXIT. The average learning curve for first-time users on this menu is fifteen minutes.

The Advanced Menu contains additional capabilities in the area of personal productivity and mail-enabled application development. From this menu, you can do personal and group calendar management, log telephone messages, access directory services, manage your own personal "action item" list, and access the advanced modules of Report Distribution, Active E-Forms, and Gateway Services.

Menus can be customized to provide access to functions via PF-key usage, or through numeric keys as an alternative.

Basic Mail System Features and Benefits

Naming and Addressing

Extensive thought has gone into EMS, making it easy for a new user to learn the basics of messaging. Therefore, each user can sign-on by name, send by name, and never bother with cryptic user IDs or special commands.

On-line Help

PF1 automatically brings up on-line help to provide user assistance. To streamline access to information, users can jump through help sections by asking EMS to search on a character text string.

Full Screen Text Editor

The Editor is designed specifically for the 3270 environment and includes four modes of operation:

  • READ provides read-only access to messages
  • EDIT provides ability to add, delete, move, copy, split, and re-flow lines
  • INPUT provides automatic word-wrap so that users can engage in heads-down typing
  • FORM provides entry into basic forms-processing

Messages, Documents, and Binary Files

EMS can transport all three types. Binary Files are sent as attachments with user notification by cover sheet. Documents can be signed as approved or denied. Signed documents become final-form text after signature so that they can only be modified by the signatory.

Mail and Document Filing

Documents can be filed as final-form and modified through the addition of "paste-it notes," which appear as pop-up windows attached to the appropriate section of the document. RFT/DCA text is supported by the optional EdWord module.


EMS allows you to address any E-mail recipient by their regular name, or by a special name assigned by you.

Dictionary Option

EMS provides a powerful dictionary/spell check containing the 80,000 word Proximity/Merriam Webster Linguibase. You can store customized word lists particular to your own line of business, and specialized medical and legal dictionaries are also available.

Text Print Control Language

EMS provides the capability to dynamically select the printer you want for output so that messages can be automatically directed to the printer of your choice.

Pop-up Directory Assistance

Directory assistance is invoked automatically when an incorrect or partial name is entered. The user can point-and-pick names off the directory list to specify primary as well as cc: or bcc: recipients.

SQL-like Mail Select

The user can type the statement "select all messages where title contains 'sales'" and EMS will sort and select those messages accordingly.

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