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EMS - Report Distribution

  • "View" Facility
  • Text Search Routing
  • DASD Conservation
  • PC Upload/Download

With the Report Distribution Facility (RDF), it is possible to take mainframe application data, extract and "envelope" it, and deliver it to one or many EMS users for on-line viewing, for filing, or for downloading to a PC.

For many organizations which consume large quantities of paper just for printing reports, the Report Distribution Facility can provide the benefits of

  • paper elimination
  • faster dissemination of information
  • easier manipulation of data

View Facility

RDF's "View" Facility provides a text search capability.

DASD Conservation

Even though a report may be distributed to multiple recipients, RDF remains efficient by keeping only one copy of the report on-line. Reports can be 255 characters wide and an unlimited number of lines in length.

Text Search Routing

Contents of a report or file can be scanned and routing triggered to one or multiple recipients. For example, a program generating "revenue data" can trigger the automatic routing of a "revenue data report" to an EMS distribution list that includes all senior managers.

PC Upload/Download

Some users will want to take mainframe data and work with it on their PC. To do this, they can use EMS' Upload/Download capability.

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