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JES2Mail and JES2FTP Options

Report Processing Language (RPL)

The RPL (Report Processing Language) is an optional and complementary module to JES2Mail and/or JES2FTP to provide a high level scripting language designed for handling report (print) contents.  With RPL, reports can be split into sub-reports and routed to different destinations, contents can be extracted or modified, indexes built, etc. For more information.

PDF Overlays

The Overlays Option is a complementary module to JES2Mail and/or JES2FTP to create PDF files that incorporate a graphical 'background' form.  The overlays can be as simple as a stock (green bar) form or as complicated as multiple overlapping forms.  The form overlays can be created with any tool that can generate a PDF. Then a provided PC program converts the PDF into an overlay file which is used by JES2Mail/JES2FTP. For more information.

RSS WebFeed publication

The RSS/WebFeed Option is a complementary module to JES2FTP to create and update RSS 2.0 compliant web feed files. RSS is an ideal method for publishing and distributing print content to an intranet or internet audience. With RSS publications, JES2FTP/RSS publishes a report to a web site, and the recipients subscribe to the desired web feed. As new report/content is published, the subscribers are notified of the new item.   For more information.

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