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JES2RSS Web Feed Examples

The Weekly Gasoline and Diesel Price Reports are published each week by the U.S. Energy Information Administration and represent the type of reports that might be produced by a mainframe application.  The reports are publicly available and we are using JES2RSS to process the text version of the reports and publish them here as web feeds.

RSSWeekly Gasoline Price Report

RSSWeekly Diesel Price Report

The following reports represent typical mainframe application reports or system monitoring reports. They might be produced by a COBOL program or by an IBM utility and are then processed by JES2RSS. Additionally, the RMF report contains a spreadsheet copy of the data that has been embedded inside the PDF.

RSSSYSOUT from Job J2XM80C - Sales Reports

RSSSYSOUT from Job J2XF80D - RMF Workload Activity

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